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Panties - Sexy pictures - Requests - Online gf!

2017.08.11 23:58 Panties - Sexy pictures - Requests - Online gf!

My name is Mai and i am 22. You can call me Mai-chan (little Mai in Japanese) I am a cute college student girl who has way too many hobbies! I decided to start this subreddit because i want to save up money for a trip to Japan since i love all things ecchi and otaku! Let's have fun together!

2015.03.13 06:47 vanillaacid Firefly: The Game

A haven for all captains across The 'Verse.

2018.06.04 23:22 Jibrish Eve: Project Galaxy

A subreddit for Eve: Project galaxy

2020.10.19 17:17 harnasje Crossplay Nintendo Switch and ps4

Hi, first of all I tried googling it, but is only raised more questions and I found a lot of answers that may not withstanded time. So I hope the minecraft experts off Reddit can help me out! Sorry for the grammar in advance, not my native language.
This is my situation:
Is it possible if I sign in to my own microft account on the nintendo Switch and still play together with my ps4? Or do I need to sign in with my Switch account on a new Microsoft account? My gf and the kid both have an account on my Switch, but witouth the paying subsciption for online play.
My optimal solution would be to sign in on the same microsoft account, but I'm also fine with creating a new microsoft account for switch.
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2020.10.19 16:52 luke1614 2017 Legacy oil change

Hey guys, coming from WRX ownership my gf and I recently purchased a 2017 Legacy to serve as her daily driver and it’s time for its first oil change. I’ve always used an oem Subaru filter and oil I purchase online as a kit every 5k miles but I’m curious what y’all are using. Her car has the 2.5 which I know is a little less finicky than my 2.0 in my WRX but being a Subaru I’m looking for some advice before I fill the car up with off the shelf oil. Thanks in advance!
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2020.10.19 16:16 slappy_chan New Releases and Interesting Finds

New Releases

Etude House: has some new makeup: Muhly Romance Special Kit, Play Color Eye Gemstone.
Sidmool: has a new mask: Willow Care Mask Pack.
Club Clio: has some new palettes: Twinkle Pop Pearl Flex Glitter Eye Palette, A.Black Glam Change Multi Palette, Pro Eye Palette Into Lace.
Kracie's Prostyle: has a LE Barbie Collab.
The Saem: has some new stuff: True Fit Fixer Cushion, Cover Perfection Fixealer, The Essential Lactobiotic Firming Ampoule, The Essential Heartleaf Repair Ampoule, The Essential VITA C Brightening Ampoule, True Fit Lip Coat .
Belief: has a three lip products : Cica Lip Sugar Scrub, Cica Lip Essence Repair. Cica Lip Mask.

Interesting Finds

Kate will be coming out with a new collection on the 1st of december: Tokyo Otogibanashi. Also they will be coming out with a LE Red Nude Rouge Evangelion, reservations start on the 4th of next month and the product from my understanding comes out on the 2nd of february.
Missha Japan will be coming out with a Disney Princess LE Collection on the 20th of next month.
Majolica Majorca will be coming out with a new fdt on the 21st of next month: Milky Wrapping Foundation.
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2020.10.19 15:25 throwawaysadman26 Girlfriend broke up with me on the day of my grandfathers funeral

Girlfriend (17F) broke up with me on the day of my grandfathers funeral (17M)
I think I should add some background and say that our relationship has been on the ropes for the past few months. She had started messaging me less and less everyday. I was okay with it because we are both preparing for our end of year exams and she also has a lot going on in her life with family problems and covid.
I also should add that I’ve been asking her regularly what the problem was and if there was anything wrong. To which she would reply nothing and that she’s just busy and focusing on school. She’d even say that she still loves me and all that stuff.
Now the actually story: this past month has been terrible for me. Half of my family got covid including my 86 year old grandfather. I was really down and anxious so I was messaging her to call and just speak to me for a bit so I could get my mind off of it. Long story short she wasn’t “available” and would go to bed extremely early to avoid having to speak to me about being sad and all those emotional things. After a week of this my grandfather passed on the Wednesday. I told her about it and she was very sorry for me saying that “she’s always there for me and I can speak to her whenever I want”. For two days I was holding her to it because I was so sad and didn’t have really anyone else for me to speak about it with. These two days she messaged me like twice so I literally gave up. I didn’t receive a phone call or text or anything about how I or my family was doing so I never thought she would want to come to the funeral so I never asked her to come. On the Friday, the day of the funeral, I message her asking to call because I was alone and sad because it was late at night. She messaged me that she was too tired and needed to wake up early for a lesson. 20 minutes after she said she was going to bed I see her online again. I message her asking if she was up and she said she’s organizing her bday party with her friends and told me to go sleep. That’s when I lost it, I said if you say you’re going to be there for someone you actually have to be there for them. She immediately phones me and apologizes for not being there for me and says her mental health has been really bad and she can’t cope with school and a bf (which is understandable but then she shouldn’t of lied to me for 2 months). After speaking for a bit she starts crying saying how she’s a selfish and terrible person and doesn’t deserve such a kind boyfriend like me. After speaking more she reveals that she can’t be in a relationship with me anymore because she can’t handle me, work and everything in her family. She also says she can’t be the girlfriend I deserve because she has no time for messages and going out etc. I was so sad from everything that happened didn’t even feel one bit of sadness from this breakup.
The next morning she messages me saying forget everything I said because if I want her to be my gf still she’ll be there because she felt too “guilty”. I said no because I don’t want her to lie about her feelings anymore. Later on she sends me two voice notes saying that I was clingy and never let her have space because I liked messaging her goodnight every night - just stupid things like that. She also said she didn’t want to tell anyone about our breakup because of how bad of a person she looked.
I’m not dumb and have noticed that our relationship hasn’t been doing so great. But every time I asked her about it she’d say something about how she’s just stressed with life and we can carry on. I told her about this but she said she felt too bad to say it to my face. So she broke up with me over a phone call on the day of my grandfathers funeral. Really classy move if you ask me. Two days later she said she still loves me so so much and wants to be my best friend it’s just she had lost those intimate feelings we once had.
So my question is an I a psycho for being more happy now that she’s broken up with me. If you told me in the beginning of the year she was going to break up with me I wouldve been devastated. But now because of how she did it and how I saw her selfish true colours I want nothing to do with her or the relationship. Like you’d think after 16 months of being together I’d be sad but like I said it was just done so horribly I’m more relived
Girlfriend broke up with me on day of grandfathers funeral and now I am more relieved and happy because I realized how selfish and callous she was. I also realized I loved her a million times for then she loved me which sucks but at least now I know to never trust anyone
Thank you
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2020.10.19 12:33 United_Maize_376 Giratina 10 spots 8695 2620 2873 / 5210 1912 7793 gogo

My gf code8695 2620 2873 My code 5210 1912 7793
Add both. Stay online
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2020.10.19 12:12 onearmedduckfucker 33 [M4F] online - everyone's got a thing! What's your thing?

Mine's sort of.... well read on!
And no - I'm not married, but... Well here goes nothing!
I'm a lanky, urban canadian with a penchant for pizza who also knows his way around the kitchen. Basically I wait until i'm so sick of doing dishes that at least one night a week we just have to call in dinner. Oh and I cook like i'm on a cooking show aka I talk to the camera and expect my dishes to magically disappear! (Surprise; they don't)
That's just a snippet into my life - but wait - there's more! but I know this is reddit and ya'll want the TL:DR
I am a 6 foot tall lanky urban white dude. Broad shoulders, blue eyes.
Looking for a an artsy weirdo type girl for Online chats and flirts with possible lowkey hangouts, coffee and beer dates and occasional gallery visits.
My likes: Performing, music, weird movies, Blanket forts, exotic food, looking at bugs and birds and other pretty animals.
My skills: Cooking, canoodling, bikes with no hand, excellent smoocher. Cartoon voices. Silly jokes.
What's the thing?
welll... this is really a third talk sort of subject but.... In my drawer full of cool band t-shirts and otherwise sensible skinny jeans and colorful pants you might also find some super cute and darling sets of lingerie - and no, again, they don't belong to a wife/gf/ex/cat - nope - it's all mine! because goshdarnit im a pretty boy and I like to feel that way and if you're the right kind of woman then you might just agree! :D
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2020.10.19 11:59 United_Maize_376 Giratina raid 10spots lets go

My gf code8695 2620 2873 My code 5210 1912 7793
Add both. Stay online
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2020.10.19 10:22 Bartolo20 My girlfriend raises her voice at me when she is annoyed.

So I've noticed my gf of 2.5 years started to kind of yell at me with annoyance when I do stuff she didn't like, but it often doesn't affect her (for instance, today I fell asleep on online classes and she got angry and yelled at me, and then stated that she did not yell and I question my sanity a bit) in any way, like I was her property and even things I do as a person concern her.
I've pointed out that I am not willing to accept things like that, and said that if it goes that way I am probably going to leave someday.
Is my approach ok? Am I toxic in a way? Please, help.
Edit: I am 20, she's 19.
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2020.10.19 07:46 juandolowski How do I get my gf through depression?

My gf and I have been together for 3 years now and I love her so much. Lately shes been stressed out because of online college and being cooped up in her parents house because of Covid. She already had a little problem with this because of birth control, but now it’s getting really bad and it’s starting to take a toll on me. I don’t know what to do and what’s healthy/unhealthy. I always want to be there for her, but what am I supposed to do about me while I’m helping her though this? I’ve struggled in my past with it and I know how hard it can be, so I always want to be there for her, but if It gets to be too much, I feel like I could slip into depression and not be able to help her. I feel like it’s starting to take a toll on our relationship, but I don’t want to end it and I’m really getting worried. Any advice on what to do?
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2020.10.19 06:42 Low3rThanL0w I feel that I am just here to make someone happy for only a short while then hurt them as much as I can while still thinking and saying that I care about them.

I got out of prison last year and met a widow of four children named Lexi. I thought thats what I wanted yet I continued to talk to other women online. She found out and it broke her. I followed her down every road to every drug (Meth, crack, back to Meth and then on to heroin) just to be with her because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. We broke up twice each time her finding another man while I already stopped talking to everyone including friends, well acquaintances. The second time she broke up with me I started to talk to another woman that I was working with. That hurt Lex more than her being with two other men hurt me. We got back together and then I moved back in. Let me stop for a second and say this. Lex was a very very hurt individual. She pulled pistols on me, called the cops on me, hit me, verbally degraded me and simply made me not want to live while at the same time she had her own suicidal moments and I was doing all that I could to make sure she didn't do anything stupid to herself. She proposed to me May 22, 2020 on Facebook and I accepted. We both took one more line of heroin and I passed out. I woke up early the next morning and I was at my desk in the basement. I look down on the floor and she was slumped over in a position that already told me I was alone in that house. I fell into a crack binge right after and it went bad. Lexi's mother played me for a fool and swore to me that everything would be okay and that no one thought any bad of me which was lie number one. She also promised me that if need be she would drive me out of town for the ceremony and i would get a necklace with some of her remains in it, lie number 2. She told me not to move out of the house just yet even though I had my own place still. I never did get to go to her ceremony. She told me that when they knew she would let me know, then proceeded to pack the kids in the car and left for Tiffin, Ohio. She neglected to say that the ceremony was set for the next evening. I then got a phone call from her husband, who I have never talked on the phone with at all or even had his number, and he asked me if i had vacated the house yet.. I told home no, that his wife told me not to leave at all. He responds oh no we can't have that we've already spoken to a lawyer and that's all I needed to hear. I told him I would be out in two days time. I had a bag feeling that hey mom was playing me for a fool when she told me to search the entire house for a will. Umm no. Three weeks after I woke up to her dead at my feet i bought an old Goldwing and moved back into my tiny one bedroom apartment. I was still deep in a crack binge. I finally got myself clean off of crack but was still dabbling in meth. Slowly I started to get cleaner and got back with the woman from work even though I had already quit. We both knew I wasn't ready but we tried anyway. I wrecked my bike leaving her place one morning and never went to the ER. I also cheated on her with a few other women and then ended it with her though a text message because I was a bitch and couldn't face her thinking that just ghosting her would be best. After three weeks we hooked back up and now I'm barely touching the hard drugs and only smoking weed and drinking. But things hadn't really changed. I felt that I couldn't talk to her about Lex because they knew each other and Lex had said some pretty hurtful things to her right before she died. I felt that most of what I was telling her was going in one eat and put the other. I mean everyone knew that I hadn't had closure, never went to the funeral and yet she says three months after Lex passed, "wait, you never went to her funeral?" That made me feel like every word that came out of my mouth never registered in her brain because she wasn't listening. She is 46 and I am 33. I felt like nothing but arm candy that she kept at home. I felt low. And that was the main reason for me ending it with her when I cheated. Well one night while wide awake on meth with her sleeping soundly next to me I left her place at like 3 a.m. and went to this new girls place. She was I. The process of getting evicted and I am a nice guy and have couch surfed before and some people actually helped me out in my time of need so I figured I would help her to pay it forward and allow her to stay with me while I end it with my gf for a second time. This new girl is on meth and here I am doing it with her while moving all of her stuff into my small as one bedroom apartment, even though my wrecked Goldwing is sitting in my living room. We started fucking and I thought that we both felt the strong chemistry and it starts going good even though we are both in agreement not to label anything but also agree that we aren't fucking around with anyone else. I find out that some people know her and are looking at me crazy telling me good luck with a smile. I know this new girl is a drug addict and also a sex addict too. And I kept trying to get her to go with out yet here I amenabling her by asking if I can do some too. Today I get home and everything is off, the vibe I mean. She was clingy at first and now after hanging out with someone and coming back she isn't. Polar opposite. My buddy tells me about how she is and now I'm stuck because I just hurt the only person that actually DOES give a fuck about me by leaving her for a drug where. I mean I just want to end it honestly and go out like Lex did, take too much heroin and not wake up. This chick is laying right next to me, my apartment is packed full of her things and I'm sitting here like what the fuck do I do. Do I be a dick confront this new girl about the fuckery since I mean the last couple days I feel like she has just played on my emotions and used me for a roof over her head. I mean do I say something and then kick her out? This is Ohio and it's starting to get cold as fuck at night. That will eat at my conscience really bad since I'm trying to be a better person. But at the same time I have my ex gf from work who still loves me and wants me in her life. I am too much of a pussy to just kick this chick out but I know that if I am already back using needles for meth now because of her here then this road is going to be short. I just told my ex, "It would be smarter because I have no clue as to what I am going to do. I'm just being honest. But at the same time I am reaching out because I always did care and still do care about you and Riley. I'm dumb as fuck and stubborn too. I justbwant to keep going the easy way. And all it gets me is lonelier and lonelier because my stupid decisions and actions make people hate me. I honestly just want to end it. I fucked up and started using Meth again but worse this time.....I used a needle. And to top it off I decided that yeah its okay to smoke crack with my Boss not one time but twice. And to add even more fuel to the fire I decided that yeah I can also do Heroin not once but twice with him also. Like what the fuck was I thinking? Oh yeah, "fuck it. How much worse can it get?" I am half tempted to just buy a bag and keep snorting until I'm not of this world anymore. This lady year and a half had been the absolute worst of my life. I hate confrontation. I avoid it. My buddy told me I need to kick her out but I'm a bitch. No back bone whatsoever. I've been up for going good on 4 days now and this drug where is sleeping away right next to me while I type this feeling disgusted in myself. I have somewhat of an idea to just sell my car like I planned on tomorrow evening and all of my other crap that I can sell and not even go buy the car I am supposed to tomorrow and instead going out and getting my death sentence. Do I say something to this fucking ungrateful user next to me when she wakes up and tell her to get the fuck out because she lied to me when I told her the only way you will puts me off is by lying to me, disrespecting me or stealing from me? Do I give her another shot? Do I go run back to my ex gf? Or do I go ahead and get that car tomorrow and then just leave everything behind? I am at one of the biggest losses right now because I am so fucking gullible and give every one the benefit of the doubt even though I know I will most likely get ficked over. Part of me wants to just end it all but the other part of me actually wants to live. Wtf?
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2020.10.19 05:39 XwXrawr I dont know how to deal with it anymore

This is going to be a mess, sorry if it doesn't make to much sense, I'll probably start rambling on. I (16m) am very depending on any female attention, not including family, and since my gf cheated on me 6 months ago, I dont think I've fully been happy a single day. Everyday I feel cold, video games are starting to not help, and just make me more sad, and all I want is for someone to hold me. My standers are so low at this point, I'd take literally anyone is is slightly cute and would be nice to me and want to cuddle. But I cant talk to anyone because of online school, and I cant go anywhere to meet someone cuz I'm 16 like I said before. And i really dont want to wait until normal school to ask someone because i dont know if I'll make to then. And everytime I've talked about this people just say itll get better, you'll find someone, but it isnt true, all the people I have asked how so far have already been talking to someone or already has a partner. Litterly all I want in life is to have a female companion that'll hold me and cuddle me and sit and cuddle whatching movies for hours on end just enjoying time together but I cant have that because I cant meet anyone, i know it's not because I'm ugly because I'm not, I've been called cute a surprising amount of times and I would say I have a really nice personality, and I would only treat her the best possible ways. I'm rambling on and on about what I want now but I just havent found any help. I just want to be held and cuddle and feel happy and warm again.
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2020.10.19 05:30 majestic_06 Rant/need advice

Hi Reddit, I need some feedback for how I'm feeling.
I, F (27) and M 27 no longer speak after I removed him from all social media but I still have his number.
Backstory: we met 3 years ago on Tinder and dated for a couple of months but I decided to end things because I just wasn't feeling it.
Fast forward to current time.
We match again but on Bumble. We go out to see where we stand now and things are great. I think this continued on of dates/hangouts for I want to say 3 months maybe 4.
He never asked to be his GF but we were exclusive. This is during the pandemic we'd be extremely cautious, social distance and use face masks when we'd go out. Eventually things got hot and heavy during one of our dates, so we ended up getting a room.
Well to cut to the chase, we couldn't have sex. (I was raped at the age of 19, he knew this and he really sweet and understanding) I had a really hard time relaxing and we tried several times but nothing. It didn't help either (for me) that he couldn't keep an erection.
Things definitely got weird after this and I felt him shift direction after this. We never really talked about it but he'd just say we'd try again whenever the time would be right.
3 weeks pass by and he says he's going to visit his grandparents who have a ranch a few hours away for a few days. Didn't hear from him throughout his time there because according to him there was no reception.
I panicked one day because there were wildfires near the area he was in so I called, texted, dmed on insta.... nothing! I heard back from him 2 days later he sends me a picture of him saying he made it home. I sent him a message saying I was so worried blah blah blah how his trip was. And all I get back from him was "it's going to be a long week". I tried calling him to talk but he sent me to voicemail saying he'd call back but he never did..
I sent him a text the next day and never got a reply. I'd send him memes on insta and it'd show he'd be online but he'd never respond to my messages.
Since I felt he was ignoring me I decided to delete him from all social media. This was back in September but for some reason I can't help but feel guilty for ghosting him.
I don't know if I should reach out to get closure? Or just leave things the way they are? Either way he could've reached out if he cared anyway right?
I guess the real reason too why I'm in my feels about it still, is because I feel hurt that I was so vulnerable and open this time around with him. Like even so ready to have sex...but I couldn't....
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2020.10.19 04:44 OMGitsMarkkus Tb to online CB things with gf

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2020.10.19 04:10 s0lci70 How long till I can be around other people?

I (mtf, 23) havent been tested yet, but yesterday (17th) and last night I had fever (around 38° celsius), lost appetite, body ache and a lil bit short of breath (also its spring so a bit of allergies). My gf also has been feeling a bit ill, body ache and troath sore. So we suspect we have Covid
The thing is... we live in an apartment and we are supposed to leave before november 1st, my father (61) was going to come pick us up on october 28th and take us to their house in another city, where we will be living until march because of online classes. In that house lives my mother (also 61), my sister (35) who has asthma, my nephew of 11 months, my BIL (35) and my brother (30)....
The question is, if we are covid positive, is it safe for my dad to come pick us up on october 28th or should I talk to my landlord to see if she can wait till idk november 5th where it would have passed more than 14 days?? I suspect we got infected on october 13th.
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2020.10.19 04:10 number_92 28 [M4F] Baghdad, Iraq - Looking for a GF

hey all
looking for GF , from any where basically
comedy - silly jokes puns and everything that make people laugh,
Movies and TV shows-i like to watch movies, TV shows about survival and YouTube
reading - read awesome old sci-fi books
video games - play video games like COD and R6
outdoor - like to bike and take long walks
shopping - like to online shop and IRL shop
job-i have a full time job as a Data analysis and I don't like it that much
she must speak English or Arabic so you know I can talk with you and that's it basically, i would like to get to know you in person
have a good day all
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2020.10.19 03:32 elios717 Restaurants and hygiene issues in the time of COVID.

I will inevitably get shit for this, and not all foodservice workers are careless (I myself spent nearly 15 years working in various kitchens in this town and I know the stresses well), but I gotta say I am really nervous to order food from restaurants anymore after my last few attempts.
Attempt 1: Went to a well known and beloved pizza shop to pick up a pizza I'd called in. I was slightly early and the pie had a few more minutes in the oven, no problem. The employee took my payment and the payment of one other person waiting (who paid in cash (bills and coins), which the employee handled, no gloves). The employee then went back to sweeping. When the pizzas were done, he slid the huge pizza spatula whatever thing under with one hand and with his other hand, still bare, no glove, hadn't been washed since the money/sweeping, grabbed the crust and slid it into the box and touched the crust area in about 6 different places as he was rolling the cutter to slice the pizza. Fortunately for me I throw pizza crust away because I'm a man child, but that shit was fucking filthy.
Attempt 2: DIFFERENT pizza shop about 2 weeks later. This time I arrive right as my pizza was coming out of the oven. I'd already paid online so I was just there to pick it up. Again, it's near closing time so the employee is cleaning up. When the employee gets the pizza out of the oven, again with the pizza spatula thing he slides the pizza onto this round metal grated rack thingy there on the stainless steel table. It slides about 1/3rd off the pan and right into a wet rag that was bunched up next to a deli cup filled with some kind of cleaning solution (blue-ish liquid w/ bubbles on top). Nice, my pizza is now literally laying on a chemical soaked rag which itself is in a puddle of cleaning solution. Again, with no gloves and without cleaning his hands, he went from his hands being covered in cleaning solution to handling my pizza, and also was talking to his coworker with a very loose mask during all this. Once the pizza is cut he scratches his crusty beard and then takes those same bare hands and slides the pizza into the box. WTF? Is this really happening? It's almost like some hidden camera prank show. It's too close to closing time to ask for a new pizza and I don't want to deal with drama so I remember where the 'tainted' part of the pizza is and cut around it when I get home.
Attempt 3: gf and I are having a to-go order of burgers, Reubens and a few other sandwiches us and her parents. No gloves on any employees, and one employee has mad crazy grime and dirt all under his fingernails, another employee scratches the inside of his ear then goes right back to putting his bare hands on our sandwiches to cut and wrap them. The dirty fingernail employee then lifts his mask up to scratch the bottom of his nose back and forth and then goes right back to handling our food, and then what I presume is the manager comes in with a mask under her chin and sneezes THREE times without even covering her mouth. Also one of the sandwiches was placed on a piece of Saran Wrap that had been covering a container of raw chicken (when we first arrived we saw the dirty fingernail guy bring out a tub of raw chicken, take the plastic wrap off and lay it there). My gf and I simply turned around and walked out.
Like myself, I know a lot of you work in the food industry and take safety precautions and general hygiene seriously, but unholy fuck, these situations were so gross and careless (and the last one stomach turning). Eating bleach or cleaning chemicals or food that has touched raw chicken or hands that have been sweeping floor grime into a dust pan or handling money, I mean all of this is horrible. How does any sane and sober person not realize what cross contamination is or that we're in the midst of a pandemic?
I know 'out of sight out of mind' is a benefit when a food delivery guy drops off a bag of food and you assume everything was made with the utmost care and caution, but I've lost faith in eating out after this and am going back to making my own meals.
I ended up speaking to the owner of the last place and explained the situation carefully and why my gf and I left and didnt pay and he was 100% understanding, but I still feel like there are too many people who are not taking any of this seriously or are either too vacant-minded to realize it's not wise to go from touching something dirty, germ infested or possibly COVID-infested to touching food without cleaning your hands or putting on gloves. Also, the lack of hygiene I've seen from foodservice employees lately leaves me feeling a bit queasy. I saw a guy about 2 months ago who had orange pebbles of ear wax caked up in his ears. It's the first time in my life where I nearly vomited on the spot.
There seems to be an issue with foodservice employees where you take your bare hand and scratch your neck or your beard or your ears or your nose or some random body part and then go right back to handling food. I'm sure that earwax and neck grease will add a great dimension to my food's flavor profile. And they do this right in front of customers, so I can only imagine what goes on when there's no customers in view. Blech.
Rant over.
TLDR: My fellow foodservice employees need to be more attentive and less disgusting
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2020.10.19 02:13 strawbebbiebanana My (24F) roommate (25M) has a terrible drinking problem. How do I politely tell him his behavior crossed a line?

First time poster so sorry in advance.
I've known my roommate for several years which makes this all the more heartbreaking. Quick background but we have been friends since high school. Went to the same university. I've lived with him before when we were in uni, but due to minor differences and one large argument we mutually agreed not to live with each other again.
This year; however, thanks to the pandemic, my friend, who I will refer to as Ian, had come into living arrangement issues (like a lot of other people) and me and partner (24F) needed another roommate. Insert Ian. Ian is currently unemployed, has been bored, and more depressed than usual thanks to being shut in due to the pandemic.
However, Ian has always struggled with mental illness and a very bad alcohol problem. He is one of those people who doesn't understand their limit. Even when he is clearly messed up, asks for more and tries to mooch off others drinks. He isn't a fun drunk. He loses all common sense, motor function, moral compass, and becomes very, very narcissistic. More times than I can count I've had to confiscate alcohol from him at parties, put a limit on what he can drink, or play babysitter. He has cheated on his exs drunk multiple times, gotten a concussion, attempted to end his life like 3 times, gotten so sick he was covered in vomit, driven drunk against my wishes, and touched people without consent. I know he is sick and he has issues. I never condone his behavior and tell him alcohol is never an excuse. He has tried quitting a few times but always falls off the horse after entering a new relationship or experiencing a new breakup.
This weekend I had another friend named Dave (26M) come into town to visit us on Saturday. We all work in socially-distanced jobs and are all shut-ins fyi. Dave and Ian know of each other, but are not friends. They have meet maybe on 5 other occasions. Dave brought some alcohol for us to share and then he would spend the night. Ian had apparently been to the liquor store and had alcohol stored in his room that he wanted to "share" . I thought he had been sober for a few weeks, but that wasn't the case...
In only 3 hours, Ian had 3 shots, 2 full mixed drinks, 2 Trulys, my partial mixed drink (it disappeared sometime during the night), and a third of the bottle of rum Dave had brought. He was a mess. He couldn't walk. He kept interrupting people, asking questions, and just general rambling about anything we had in common. We tried to be nice but no one was drunk as him so it was annoying. I told him multiple times to stop drinking but if I turned my back, he would be drinking something else or trying to take sips of other people's drink (I mean, come on dude it's a pandemic). Eventually it turned worse. He started bring up personal and often embarrassing stories about my family. I don't have a great relationship with my dad and he kept bringing him up like "how would your dad feel about this" or "doesn't that remind you of this time when you dad did __?" Or would try and bring up race related issues (Dave is black and my gf is Asian) talking bad about white people like he isn't white (We both are). It was awkward and embarrassing to hear him say to he would excuse sexism and homophobia from black and Asian people bc "they just grow up different and have more outdated, traditional views. but as a white guy, I could never correct them about it because it's not my place" (???) He then proceeded to rudely ask Dave how big a simp he was!! My and my gf joke (bc we are all mutual friends for 5 years) that he can be kind of a simp online and I guess Ian thought that was appropriate to ask him to his face out of the blue. I told him that was really inappropriate to ask someone he barely knew and he just laughed and continued to egg him with it for the rest of the night. We were all very uncomfortable.
Tipping point came when he decided he wanted to get physical with someone. That someone was Dave. He kept scooting closer to him on the couch and resting his hand on his leg or leaning on him. He put his head on his shoulder and Dave got up soon after that. He went and sat on the single seater on the other side of the room. Soon, Ian got up after being left on the couch, went over to Dave and sat in front of him so he couldn't really move. Ian decided to rest his entire body on his legs, leaning on him, resting his head in his crotch. At one point turning around with his mouth literally a few inches from his junk and he just smiled and licked his lips. Dave got up and went to the bathroom, clearly uncomfortable. I told Ian to quit being creepy. When Dave came back, he was standing around not wanting to sit back down.. Ian started YELLING at someone he barely knew to "get back over here and sit down. I was comfortable and if you dont, I'm gonna grab your legs and I won't let go. You're mine tonight! " I started yelling back at him that he was being disrespectful, clingy, and overall rude. He didn't even ask for consent. Ian asked him. Dave said he was uncomfortable with it. Ian moved but not for long as he was back resting his head on Dave's knees an hour later. I cut the night short at about 1am. Sometime during the night, Ian then bullied Dave into exchanging phone numbers. Dave stayed the night bc drinking but told me that he was extremely uncomfortable all night and would probably not come over until he moved out.
So, how do I proceed from here? He really overstepped everyone's boundaries and I lost a lot of respect for him. He embarrassed himself and me. I don't want to yell at him because I know alcoholism is a disease but.... I don't want to excuse his behavior either. He could have ruined a good friendship of mine. He ruined what could have been a good night. I want him to understand that he can't have alcohol in the house anymore, he can't secretly buy alcohol, and he can't drink around me anymore. I also want him to possibly go to AA... But, how do I tell him effectively that it would make a difference....?
TL;DR! - my roommate got ridiculous drunk at a small "party" . He made everyone uncomfortable, got handsy my friend without his consent, and asked invasive questions. He embarrassed me in my home in front of my friend and I don't know how to tell him he was out of line...
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2020.10.19 01:55 nottherealalanturing Help! She might be pregnant

Had unprotected sex with my GF earlier and turns she is ovulating today. She took an after pill almost instantly, would that be effective in decreasing the chance of pregnancy? cos I've been reading online that plan B pills do not work during ovulation. I'm confused & scared, please help.
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2020.10.19 01:39 Dada2fish made to feel like "the bad guy"

This just happened an hour ago and I don't know how to feel about it or what I should do.
Our only child is 10 years old. I am his mom and he is at my home with me 99% of the time. His dad has been taking him every other weekend. Now that my son is a bit older, he tells me things his dad does that he doesn't like. For example, his dad drinks and he been turning into a mean drunk. It's like flipping a switch after one beer, going from normal to total jerk. My son said he was acting scary and calling him mean names. When we were together he was never like this, but I think he drinks more than he used to and he's not the same guy I knew when were together.
I put my foot down with this, telling him if I find out he's had even one sip of alcohol while in our sons presence, I will pick him up and request full custody. For the past few months my son said his Dad has been acting okay and not drinking.
Now the problem is my son says they don't do anything fun when he is there. He says he spends a lot of time alone in his room playing with his ipad, or they just sit around. Ever since this pandemic, he hasn't been able to see his friends much, and being an only child he sometimes feels lonely or bored. I try to come up with fun things to do or I take him to fun places I hear about. I feel like I'm doing 99.9% of the parenting and his dad isn't putting in much effort at all.
My son has been doing online school/ Zoom meetings with his classmates and teacher. Every Monday morning his teacher ask the kids what they did over the weekend. My son mentioned that he's kinda envious of the fun things some of the kids mention they've done for weekend fun. He said that the weekends he's with his dad, he's embarrassed because he has nothing fun to contribute in his class.
So, the past few weeks I've been texting his dad ideas of things he can do. My son had mentioned he'd love a mini bike. His dad used to ride mini bikes when he was a kid, so I said he should look into buying one so they could do that together. I can tell by his responses he's not gung ho about it. It's like he likes having his son, but doesn't see why he should put any effort into a relationship with him.
So it was dad's weekend and I dropped our son off. I asked him what he had planned to do for the both of them. He said he wanted to take him to some local haunted houses. My son says, "No way, I don't like haunted houses." Knowing the kind of kid he is, I knew that would not be something my son would like and I feel like if his dad spent more time with him, he'd know it as well. He's an anxious kid and he would never enjoy something like that. So his Dad gets all upset saying he loved haunted houses as a kid, so why doesn't our son? Well they are two different people, he can't make him like everything he likes. So I said, why don't you take him to Zap Zone then? (arcade/ trampoline place). He doesn't respond, just kinda rolls his eyes. I kiss my son good bye and leave.
So now the weekend is over. I was working in the backyard when they pulled up in my driveway to drop my son off. I said, "So, what did you guys end up doing?" They say that they did nothing. Then my son says they went to some ladies house. Dad brought some steaks over there. This lady (some friend or GF of his dad's/ I know nothing about her) cooked dinner and they sat around.
So I get mad. I say to him, why can't you do some fun stuff with him? Take him somewhere! It's a beautiful Autumn weekend. There's cider mills, pumpkin patches, corn mazes. There are farms within drivable distance that have hay rides and bonfires and special events they put on. Tons of fun stuff for a ten year old kid to enjoy with his dad, but instead you take him to some woman's house and SHE cooks him dinner.
So his dad says to my son, "Oh here we go! I TOLD you she was gonna be mad." So we argue a bit. It wasn't a huge argument. I was more disappointed than anything. This goes on for about 10 minutes. My son says Mom stop being mad. So his dad says something like, "see how your mom is?" and he leaves.
A couple minutes after his dad is gone, my son says, Why did you get upset with Dad?
I said, "Because I hate hearing that you just sat around and didn't do much this weekend. I was hoping you would have had fun. I told Dad if he can't think of anything, at least he could take you to Zap Zone because I know you like it."
So my son says, "He DID take me to Zap Zone."
I said, "Huh? When I asked you both what you did, neither of you mentioned you went to Zap Zone."
My son says, " I was joking with you. haha! Isn't that funny?"
So I say, "Why did you lead me to believe you didn't do anything? I just gave dad a hard time and got upset for no reason and then you tell me the truth after dad's already gone. Why did you do that?"
He says, "Gosh Mom it was just a joke."
Well I don't get the joke. Now I'm sitting here feeling like I was set up. Like they planned this in the car just to see if Mom would get upset. Like his Dad is twisting it where I'm just no fun. "There's she goes getting upset again."
I tried to explain to my son why that wasn't a very nice "joke" to play on me. He doesn't get it. I don't know how to feel right now. I feel frustrated, hurt, deflated. Like I'm just trying to encourage them to build some memories together and have a good relationship and I get made fun of for it. I'm just sitting here numb. I'm scared this is beginning of something I'm not prepared for. Since I'm the "everyday" parent who makes him do things he doesn't want to do (like take showers and do homework) and his dad is the chill parent that he spends free time with who now encourages him to play jokes on his mom. I know if I confront his dad about this he will deny it or turn it around on me like saying, "I was about to mention Zap Zone, but you got all in my face so...."
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2020.10.19 01:27 wizardcults How do I (20x) stop being jealous that my friend (26f) is seeing somebody?

I (20x) am friends with someone (26f) I met online ~18 months ago. We get on really well and spoke almost every day, and it got to the point where she confessed feelings for me. I rejected her, because I wasn't interested in her like that and didn't want to have a long distance relationship. Or any relationship at all, really. She took it well and nothing really changed (except she stopped flirting, which I hadn't clocked but noticed the absence of afterwards, which is fine).
Things are still fine between us, but in the last month she's got an actual irl girlfriend, and she's spending less time talking to me. I completely understand why, but I still get spikes of jealousy and envy - I didn't want to be with her, so why am I so against her being with someone else? She's one of the only people I have regular contact with because I suck at talking to most of my other friends (I am working on it tho), and I felt comfortable talking about my feelings and issues with her (she did the same, so it was mutual). I feel like she just doesn't really care anymore because she changes topics on a whim, doesn't acknowledge some of the things I send, and I just feel like she's using me for something (not that I know what) - I have other friends I talk with like this, but we used to talk so differently and more often. It's like I put so much effort into our friendship but now she's got someone else, I don't matter so much.. I know people change and move on, I'm not her partner or even her best friend or anything, but I'm sad. And if she does still care about me (which I think is true) and thinks that I'm the one losing interest I think I'd be devastated, even with how jealous I am.
I'm very wary of leaning on people too much for emotional support and have probably put too much on her anyway, so I guess it's understandable if she's tired of me. But it hurts to have someone I thought I could lean on a little bit feel like they're drifting away during a really turbulent time for me. I've never felt so lonely ever (after a year of her talking about how lonely she is and how desperately she needs a relationship) and now she mostly talks to me about things relating to her girlfriend. I guess I thought I'd be the one to get a gf first cuz I'm just vain or something, even though I didn't actively look for or want a relationship, and I worried a lot after the confession that she'd get super jealous if I started seeing anybody. But now I'm the jealous one who desperately wants affection/attention (not necessarily a relationship) and it's taken me really by surprise.
How do I stop thinking about this all the time? Is there something wrong with me for in general wanting so much attention but not really wanting to reciprocate? I keep wondering if I'm way overreacting or overly dependent or something - it's not normal to need to be so important to someone you're not romantically interested in and haven't even met in person, right?
Sorry if this is kinda messy, I'm a little surprised and confused by the strength of my reactions to what's going on and would appreciate someone with a level head telling me if I'm out of line. Thanks for any input :)
tl;dr - I got possibly too invested in an online relationship, but I rejected her when she confessed. She's more distant now since she's busy with her new gf and I've turned into a jealous, attention-seeking mess who can't stand the idea of someone else being more important to her, even though I don't have feelings for her. How can I stop feeling like this? (Do I just need to go to therapy or something)
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2020.10.19 01:12 matt367 Splitting up with bpd gf

Hello all. Recently found this community. I am currently breaking up with my GF of 6 years. We have a child together and im currently a surgical resident. My gf was diagnosed with bpd years ago and i thought it was in check. We have been having rough times recently due to my hours at work. Around the start of October she started talking to someone online for 6 hours a day and devaluing me and saying how we don't connect like they do. He is planning to move here in our town in a few months and then she will move in with him. Its a scary time and any mention of our relationship seems to make her angry. This feels like a lost cause, i should just move on but our daughter will make it difficult. What do you guys think
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